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Plots special types of phylogenetic trees


This function plots different types of phylogenetic trees. If type="extinction" (or any unambiguous abbreviation) the function will plot a tree in which branches preceding the MRCA of all extant taxa and branches leading only to extnct lineages are plotted with dashed red lines. If type="traitgram3d" the function will plot a three dimensional traitgram (that is, a projection of the tree into three dimensional morphospace where two dimensions are the phenotypic trait and the third axis is time since the root). In this case, the additional argument X, a matrix containing the tip values of all species (with species IDs as row names) should be supplied. Optionally, the user can also supply the matrix A, which contains the ancestral states in the tree with rows labeled by node number. If type="droptip" the function will create a two panel figure in which the first panel is the tree with lineages to be pruned highlighted; and the second panel is the pruned tree. In this case, the additional argument tip, the tip name or vector of tip names to be dropped, must be supplied. If type="densitymap", a posterior probability density "heat-map" is created based on a set of trees in a "multiPhylo" object containing a binary [0,1] mapped character. (See densityMap for additional optional arguments if type="densitymap".) If type="contmap", reconstructed continuous trait evolution is mapped on the tree. Again, see contMap for additional arguments if type="contmap". If type="phenogram95" a 95-percent phenogram is plotted using transparency to visualize uncertainty at ancestral nodes and along branches. Most of the options of phenogram are available. Finally, if type="scattergram" a phylogenetic scatter plot matrix containing contMap style trees on the diagonal and phylomorphospace plots in non-diagonal panels is produced. For type="scattergram" a trait matrix X must be supplied. The only additional arguments available for this type are fsize, colors, and label. (See phylomorphospace for details.) Presently only type="traitgram3d" uses the list control which can be supplied the same set of control parameters as phylomorphospace3d, as well as the control parameter maxit which will be passed to anc.ML. Finally, the optional argument hold will be passed to multiple methods if supplied. It is a logical value that indicates whether or not the output to the graphical device should be held using dev.hold before plotting (defaults to hold=TRUE).


fancyTree(tree, type=c("extinction","traitgram3d","droptip","densitymap",
	"contmap","phenogram95","scattergram"), ..., control=list())



a phylogenetic tree in "phylo" format.


the type of special plot to create. See Description.


arguments to be passed to different methods.


a list of control parameters, depending on type.


This function plots different types of phylogenetic trees. For type="droptip" the function also returns the pruned tree.


Liam Revell


Revell, L. J. (2012) phytools: An R package for phylogenetic comparative biology (and other things). Methods Ecol. Evol., 3, 217-223.

See Also

contMap, densityMap, drop.tip, phenogram, phylomorphospace3d, plot.phylo, plotSimmap


# plot tree with extinction

## Not run: 
# plot 3D traitgram
# plot with internal nodes from simulation
B<-Y[length(tree$tip)+1:tree$Nnode,]; Y<-Y[1:length(tree$tip),]

## End(Not run)
# plot with dropped tips

## Not run: 
# plot 95-percent CI phenogram

## End(Not run)

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