learnPopGen web interfaces

Index of learnPopGen web interfaces

This page contains a number of shiny (Chang et al., 2017) interfaces to functions in the R package learnPopGen. learnPopGen is intended for teaching & learning important concepts in population genetics, evolutionary biology, quantitative genetics, statistics, and evolutionary theory.

For now, all web apps are hosted on the shinyapps.io by Rstudio server, although this may change in the future.

If you enjoyed these web interfaces, or if you have constructive criticism, please leave feedback. Constructive criticism will help me improve the learnPopGen package & these apps. Positive feedback will help me to justify their continued development & maintenance.

1. central-limit-theorem: Illustration of the Central Limit Theorem via simulation. (Interface for clt.)
2. coalescent-plot: Simulating & plotting coalescent genealogies. (Interface for coalescent.plot.)
3. drift-selection: Simulating simultaneous genetic drift & natural selection on a biallelic locus. (Interface for drift.selection.)
4. founder-event: Simulates changes in allele frequency due to a population bottleneck. (Interface for founder.event.)
5. freqdep: Numerical analysis of a simple frequency dependent selection model from Rice (2004). (Interface for freqdep.)
6. hawk-dove: Numerical analysis of a simple hawk-dove game theoretic model. (Interface for hawk.dove.)
7. migration-selection-drift: Simulation of migration, selection, and genetic drift at a biallelic locus. (Interface for msd.)
8. multilocus-hw: Multi-locus Hardy-Weinberg frequencies for biallelic loci. (Interface for multilocus.hw.)
9. phenotype-freq: Visualizing phenotypic trait distribution for polygenic traits. (Interface for phenotype.freq.)
10. selection: Numerical analysis of selection on a biallelic locus. (Interface for selection.)

All the web applications of this page were made by Liam J. Revell. The contents of this page have been developed with the support of National Science Foundation awards DEB-1350474 and DBI-1759940.